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Did you know that the Inca Empire once reached Rancagua? Under
Emperor Wayna Kapak, Inca expansion reached its height and Central Chile was part of the Kollasuyu, the south-eastern province of the empire.
The Inca road network or Kapak Ñam extended from modern day
Colombia through where Rancagua now stands, paralleling and criss-crossing the nearby Andes mountains, silent witnesses to the Inca practice of Kapaqocha or ritual human sacrifice carried out high upon Central Chile’s snowy peaks We will show you the area’s very own Inca trail; the few traces 
of perhaps the most famous of Chile’s pre-Hispanic cultures still visible
in the region today; nearby roads, petroglyphs, where ancient bridges
once stood, and the forts that marked the final frontier of the 
Tawantinsuyu; the Four United Provinces of the Inca Empire



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Stretching from below the meeting point of the Rivers
Cipreses and Cachapoal, deep into the territory 
of the prowling Puma and skulking Andean
Fox where flocks of colourful parrots gather
under the watchful eye of the eagle and further
upstream condors soar high above herds of 
grazing guanacos within kilometres of the 
Argentine border

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