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25 pounds Loss with HCG Injections

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I was a slender kid until my teen. I had an accident and spend months on crutches. Needless to say, during my recovery I gained 40 pounds. I wasn’t sure how to lose it. Working out is not much of an option anymore. Still, I managed to curb it eventually around 165 pounds by the time I turned 24 years old.

At 25, I got pregnant with my first child. I had constants morning sickness. The only food that prevents me from being sick was eating a lot of gingernut biscuits with some ginger tea. I ballooned up to 205 pounds by the time I was due. After birth, I managed to get down to 175 pounds by eating healthy and by going to the gym. Two years later, I got pregnant with my second child. And yes, with more constant sickness and pre-eclampsia. The end result, I gave birth to a premature baby. So, I turned to foods like cakes and ice cream for comfort. Click Here To Read More!

37 pounds in 4 weeks with HCG Diet

I was away on a holiday visiting a friend just recently. I was astonished seeing her transformation. I was fortunate she was willing enough to share her secret of success with me- HCG Diet.  So, I did lots of research on the internet. I came across with I got me thinking. I can do this. I can get back to the size and shape I was before. I’ve heard so many stories about HCG Diet and I’ve seen amazing results. I know HCG Diet can help me too.
After how many years my weight has slowly crept higher and higher. It took me years to get into the correct headspace to change my eating focus. Now it’s time for me to make a change. Click Here To Read More.

Loss 50 Pounds in 40 days of my HCG Diet

My measurements:
            Starting weight: 290 pounds
            Thighs: 29.53 cm
            Hips: 49.60 cm
            Waist: 55 cm
            Arm: 18 cm
            Bust: 52.36 cm
I have struggled with my weight after I had my daughter 10 years ago. I used to weigh only 150 pounds. But now, 10 years later I weight a whopping 290 pounds! My doctor told me that I was unhealthily obese and at a borderline of being diabetic. I was shocked. Click here to read more!

HCG Diet Beverage List

Phase 2 of HCG diet begins on day three. And the only drinks you can have according to Dr. Simeons manuscript are the following:
  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Tea
You may think that having the same kind of beverages is boring like eating the same old foods while in phase 2. But there are ways to make your drinks taste amazing. You can use 1 tbsp of milk per day, a splash of lemon in your water and natural sweeteners like Stevia and Splenda. You can also use some suggested recipes for blended drinks for your meal replacements. Making a wrong choice by choosing drinks not allowed on HCG diet can cause a stall in your weight loss. Click here to read more

HCG Diet Weight Loss Stories - 248 pounds to 206 pounds

My name is Pia, I am 26 years old. I am feeling a lot more comfortable with myself now than before.
I was a big girl. I was always bullied in school by my classmates.  They would say things like “pork chop” and “elephant”. I neither hate doing physical education during my high school nor attend social school parties. I was upset with how I look. But still, I can’t resist eating the food that I love eating.
I’ve also have been on every diet and have taken diet pills. But nothing works for me. I have to accept that I was going to be fat. So, I gave up. I became bigger and bigger, 248 pounds in fact! Click here to read more!

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A las 3:39pm del marzo 21, 2018, Pattison Milo dijo...
Hola, escríbeme en mi correo electrónico (, tengo una propuesta comercial para usted.
A las 11:15am del marzo 19, 2018, richar dijo...

Hola querido, ¿cómo estás? Espero que estés bien hoy. Mi nombre es el comandante Richard Miles, soy un soldado estadounidense, miembro de las tropas de la OTAN que sirven en Libia. Vi tu perfil y me gustaría saber más sobre ti. Espero tener noticias suyas pronto a través de mi correo electrónico (


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